Fabletics Activewear Brand

Fabletics is a high quality, innovative activewear, and accessories line for the active modern woman. Co-founded by JustFab and actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics provides high-quality ladies clothes for workouts.

Fabletics designs uphold the brand’s foundation principles to function, fit, and style everyone at a grand price. Fabletics presents the broad range of activewear for exercises, and beyond. The brand offers tops, hoodies, sports bras, shorts, tanks, tees, leggings, pants, and jacket training basics to fashion filled designs. Fabletics activewear is manufactured to maintain official time and is practical, cute fun, and fabricated to withstand the daily active woman.

Many customers who buy outfits with different tops and bottoms sizes end up not knowing how to do it. Fabletics outfits are high quality, and customers finish with just the perfect combinations. Sizing is consistent and customers frequently like the quality and the given merchandise prices on Customers also find irresistible to the preselected Fabletics outfits. They always get harmonized tops and pants. Clients usually consider Fabletics because of the solid materials and their comfortably stylish nature to allow exercises, gym workouts, or running. Fabletics activewear clothing is resourceful to everybody, every size, and shape.

It is also surprising to see the much lower price rating for Fabletics activewear merchandise. Customers can order the products on their site without any issues. Clients may also develop into Fabletics VIP associates and benefit from easy returns, and free shipping of free clothes. The VIP connection is not compulsory, and customers may choose regular membership with no fees. Fabletics VIP membership conditions are evidently laid out, and if a VIP customer forgets to pass over their monthly discounted clothes within an opening week, the client is always free to redeem whichever time. Customers also reminiscent Fabletics short shipping times. When customers order Fabletics merchandise on their websites, the shipping time on is upheld and does not take as long. In the case of clients ordering products and they turn out big or not as expected, Fabletics has a return or exchange policy that ensures all customers is satisfied.

Fabletics primary focus, however, is to sell items. It is not quite concerned about memberships, something that is to change in future so that the clients buy merchandise freely without problems. Customers may voluntarily purchase any product from the Fabletics stores using their debit cards, or gift card. Every piece of clothing that Fabletics offers is great and creates a great customer experience.


Putting Wen by Chaz To The Test

Wen hair by Chaz is a very famous hair conditioning product that has been on the market for a number of years. In the commercials, Alyssa Milano is watching a stylist use Wen by Chaz on a client and telling the cameras about how great this particular product is for hair. Ever since the commercial first aired, people have been testing out the product for themselves and giving their honest, unpaid opinion about Wen by Chaz. Here recently, a lady by the name of Emily McClure tried Wen by Chaz for the very first time and created daily blog posts talking about the product and how it was treating her hair. She did this for about seven days. At the end of the seven days, Emily McClure said that she had experienced a love-hate relationship with the product. It made her hair look absolutely beautiful and shiny; however, she is one who does not wash her hair every day, so the conditioner did make her hair extremely oily and unmanageable. She ended the final blog post saying that she finds herself reaching for Wen by Chaz more times than not, especially when her hair is craving some extra shine and body.
As mentioned previously, Wen by Chaz is a famous hair conditioning product that has been on the market for many years now. The product claims that it will make one’s hair extra shiny and bouncy within just a single use. This hair conditioning product was created and designed by a famous hair stylist by the name of Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean works on clients in the Los Angles area, which is located within the state of California near Hollywood. Chaz Dean has worked with many celebrities as well as ordinary people who all desparately craved the same thing: bouncy, shiny locks. This inspired Chaz Dean to work hard to create the famous hair conditioning product system, Wen by Chaz.  For more info, check out the product’s Wikipedia and Facebook page.

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Pushing Math Education with Solvy

Solvy is a free online platform that helps students with their math homework. Students can practice math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers. Teachers assign math problems to students based on the grade level and class course work. Teachers will receive notices when students need extra help with their performance. The web tool is accessible on a number of different devices. Solvy is currently available for Algebra I.

Alexei Beltyukov who holds a medical degree and an MBA, is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. Their goal is to make math support for high school students accessible online to further their performance with the subject. The program will allow students to get more practice with equations, word problems, tables and graphs and other math questions so they can perform better on tests. Teachers are able to track and evaluate students’ progress in math.

Alexei Beltyukov is a member of the board at Interactive Educational Services. He says the goal is to make Solvy a household name for high school students looking for help with math. Teachers will be able to give students feedback outside the classroom with the new platform. After completing his own education Alexei Beltyukov, a successful entrepreneur, started several companies of his own. He co-founded Endemic Capital in 2013. He also helped build A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. Under his guidance, Solvy made its first release in March 2015. He will help Solvy grow as an interactive math aid in the near term. Alexei Beltyukov also currently serves the President of the Skolkovo Foundation as an Advisor.  Check him out on Google +, and his official MTV profile.


US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is a distributor of U.S. government-issued coins. They are based in Austin, Texas. They are one of the largest in the country. They strive to provide the highest level of service in the coin market. This company hires some of the best trained people to find products that offer th highest profit. The go above and beyond what’s required in the industry.

According to Manta and Glassdoor, they try to gain a long-term relationship with every customer. Phillip N Diehl is the President of U.S. Reserve and former U.S. Mint director. Phillip was previously nominated by Bill Clinton to be the director of the U.S. Mint. He also worked with the U.s. Department of Treasury and U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

In 2016, Phillip was appointed chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. This is a nonprofit company that supports the paper money, rare coins and precious metal industry. Diehl was the former vice chair of ICTA .His goals are to increase ICTA’s value, grow their membership base and financial resources.

He also hopes to improve communication and cooperation with these organizations. ICTA is the “watchdog” for paper money, rare coins and precious metals. Their aim is to provide a meeting point that allows members to confer, consult and cooperate. They educate agencies on ways to achieve solutions and list problems that may be affecting their business.

Phillip is a hardworking man who is dedicated to making his customers happy. He leads the most ambitious legislative effort ICTA had ever undertaken. He designed and executed ICTA’s legislative and communications strategies. Diehl had Governor Mark Dayton sign the MN legislature bill into law in May 2016. He’s working hard at succeeding at his goals of showing value to his customers. Diehl is one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors in history.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Offers Training To Other Dentists About Sleep Disorders.

Avi Weisfogel started his career as a dentist where he opened a dental office called Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. Dr. Avi Weifogel went to school at Rutgers University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology and furthered his studies at New York University College of Dentistry where graduated with a Dentist degree DDS. He owns the Dental Sleep Masters Seminars currently based in New Jersey where he trains other dentists how to treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.


According to Dr. Weisfigel, sleep disturbed breathing has in the past been associated with metabolic syndrome diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and anxiety. However, even when the disorder was related to all these health problems, 90% of these patients were still not diagnosed. The Dental Sleep Master’s program as created by Dr. Weisfigel was meant to identify these problems and offers solutions on how they can be treated.


The course model creates a positive environment for all the parties involved including the certified sleep physicians, DME providers, the dentists, secondary care physicians, and patients to deal with the causes and effects of sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel is already training many dentists across the country who are now treating patients more efficiently. The program provides high-level education and clinical support to the use of the most innovative business model to transform the practice of many dentists across the country. If you are interested to know more about Dr. Weisfogel and his Dental coaching program, follow him on Twitter and like his Facebook page.


Dental physicians have a lot to gain the coaching program from a man that takes 200 hours of continuing education every year. Dr. Weisfogel is also a family man with six children and interested in helping other kids around the world with dental and health-related issues. He believes that all children deserve to be treated well as if they were our own. For this reason, he is also a Philanthropist who has dedicated his life to helping non-profit organizations that contribute this cause such as Operation Smile.



Dick DeVos And Family Give Over $1 Billion To Charity

The DeVos family is one of the most impressive in terms of philanthropy the U.S. has ever known as generations of the family have achieved business success as they looked to help communities around the world achieve success. An article I read from MLive reports the DeVos family has given a total of $1.2 billion in lifetime philanthropic donations that place them among the largest donors to charitable organizations in the U.S. In 2014, the DeVos family provided over $94 million for good causes around the world to give the family the 20th position on the annual Forbes list of charitable donors, a position I feel the family should be rightly proud of.


The fact the DeVos family allowed their philanthropic activities to be measured in such a way is seen as a coup for Forbes who have been asking for the details of the donations provided by the family for a number of years. The DeVos family hopes the release of their financial contributions will inspire others to give more to charity, which I feel is a noble way of enjoying their financial and philanthropic success.


On a personal level I have always been impressed by the work and charitable giving of Dick DeVos who I first became aware of when he became the head of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. Reading the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos gives a brief look back at his career that has seen continued success from the moment he took up his first executive role with the DeVos family owned AmWay Group in the mid-1980s.


One of the aspects of the life of Dick DeVos that has impressed me the most is the establishment of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which works to achieve education reform across the U.S. Dick DeVos has also impressed me with the wide range of charitable donations he has made to different philanthropic groups that include major donations made to the Kennedy Center for the Arts. I have always been impressed by the level of giving the DeVos family has undertaken since AmWay founder Richard DeVos began holding major fundraising events in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.



Eucatex: A Success Story Every Brazilian Can Be Proud Of

Eucatex is a Brazilian based company that was founded in 1951 by Paulo Maluf. The newly found company produced flat board for construction. Soon after its founding the company expanded to include ceiling lining and insulating material. By 1980 it had grown to the extent that it included segments in forestry, wood, metal and mineral. Eucatex materials were exported to 50 countries worldwide.

The raw material used for their products was the Eucalyptus tree. The Brazilian forests were rich in Euclyptus thus providing a rich base for development. The company was conscious of the environment. A program was soon developed where a segment of the company was devoted to reforestation. All trees that were used were replaced. The company is able to produce its much needed raw materials all the while being conscious of the environmental challenges of the area. Eucatex now has an educational program for students that teaches them the importance of environmental concern as well as the work of Eucatex in that respect. Eucatex can be proud of it environmental friendly work.

Today the company operates mainly in the furniture and construction industry. It maintains a vision of excellence and strives to be true to its mission values of using natural resources while respecting the environment. It has opened a factory in Argentina and has expanded to the United States. The successful expansion of Eucatex is in no doubt due to the Maluf family members that have led the oompany over the past 60 years, not the least of whom is Flavio Maluf the eldest son of the founder, Paulo Maluf.

Wikipedia describes that Flavio was born in 1961 in Sao Paulo. He studied mechanical engineering in Brazil and moved to New York to study administration at NYC. Upon graduating in 1987, he returned to Brazil and began working at Eucatex wisely moving through the various departments thus learning all the angles of the company including management. In hindsight this process is seen as a tremendous aid for the growth of the company.

Flavio Maluf has been the president of Eucatex since 1997. Since that time he has worked diligently to enable the family company to be recognized as a leader in the Brazilian economy. He has brought the spotlight on Eucatex by using his enterpreneural skills for which he is highly respected. Mr. Maluf is also the president of GrandFood Group and is active in several charity organizations. Flavio is also an article contributor, commenting on many issues of the day that are close to his heart. Flavio Maluf is also well known for entrepreneurial tips that he provides to those coming up in the industry.


Unique Ways To Enhance Your Retirement Portfolio

For many people, when they learn about the company AirBed and Breakfast or they hear about it from financial planners like Richard Blair they are amazed that there is a way that you can rent out your home or a bedroom to travelers and make a profit. This is what attracted Richard Blair of wealth management to AirBnb. It was another safe investment he could offer to his clients. The business model is now so popular that there are literally scores of other companies that are doing the very same thing. This service is also now a worldwide phenomenon.

One of the largest promoters of AirBnb is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Richard is a financial planner and registered investment advisor that offers his clients safe wealth management goals along with professional assistance in reaching those goals. He is comfortable giving clients proved and sound advice to safely reach their retirement goals using diversification strategies designed to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. AirBnb is just one of the products he recommends.

The story of how AirBnb got started is quite a story in itself. In 2007, two roommates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, could not afford the rent for their loft apartment in San Francisco. At the same time they were trying to figure out how to pay their rent, there was a conference being held in San Francisco by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Because the conference was such a popular attraction, all the hotels, and motels near it were completely booked up; there were no rooms available anywhere. Because of this collision of events, Brian and Joe got the brilliant idea of renting part of their apartment to some of the shows attendees. They decided to offer air beds and breakfast service to those interested and they almost immediately rented out the spaces they were advertising. They immediately recognized that they had killed two birds with one stone. By renting their apartment out to the conference attendees they not only made extra money to help pay their rent they had come up with a great idea for a multi-million dollar business. Their first three guests of their new business venture were attendees of the sold-out trade show that were unable to book a hotel room.

As soon as they realized what they had in their hands, they went full time with the venture. They then talked to technical architect Nathan Blecharczyk and asked him to join them as a co-founder. He immediately said yes and the website Airbed and officially launched in August of 2008. To help fund the site, the three founders created some special edition breakfast cereals and in two months generated over $30,000.00 dollars from their sales. This creative funding action also attracted the seed capital firm Y Combinator and venture capitalist Paul Graham both of whom put money into the new venture. In 2009, they expanded their website’s content to include renting entire homes, apartments, private rooms, boats, tipis, tree houses and just about any manner of space and home imaginable worldwide.

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Online Reputation

It seems no matter how diligent business owners are, there will always be that one disgruntled customer who decides to go all out and post a bad review about their experience online. The fact of the matter according to is that their experience may not have been that bad. They could have been having a bad day, but in a negative mindset, a molehill became a mountain and they unleashed their fury on you.

Online marketing and the increase of social media exposure gives companies an opportunity to engage with customers, and brands are quickly understanding the need of reputation management. The downside is that with this type of interaction, customers are free to publish both positive and negative reviews about you.

To best manage your online reputation, you need an arsenal of marketing tools that will quickly eradicate any potentially damaging comments or reviews about your brand. Below are tools that will have a significant impact on your brand’s reputations:

  • Percolate: With your marketing efforts neatly under one roof, monitoring your online reputation just got a little easier. From content creation to planning campaigns, Percolate provides you with a cross channel marketing calendar to keep everything in check.
  • Reputation Loop: Designed with small business owners in mind, Reputation Loops automatically contacts recent customers for their reviews. Real-time reporting and review monitoring on sites such as Yelp and Google+ proves to be invaluable for brand managers.
  • TinyTorch allows business owners to manage, monitor their online presence. Tiny Torch helps you to identify the most influential customers and cultivate their stories for redistribution across numerous marketing channels.
  • Trust Pilot: With easy navigation, this application has a wide array of analytic and engagement tools to make monitoring your online reputation easier.

Developing your brand is more than posting a few pictures on Instagram. It takes hard work and dedication to build a reputation that gets you noticed. Engaging with customers and keeping the conversation going is what will keep your cashier register ringing and negative comments at bay.



Marc Sparks Supporting the Community through Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a venture capitalist business based in Texas, Dallas. The organization provides mentorship platforms and grants to support startup entrepreneurs. The venture provides programs that empower entrepreneurs in their path towards building successful ventures in the business world.

The various mentorship platforms at Spark Tank provide green entrepreneurs with leadership skills and advice that helps them develop strong entrepreneurial skills. Marc attests that faith in an entrepreneur’s product, simplicity, staying focused, and providing unique services are the key to being successful in any business venture.

Marc Sparks’ background

Marc Sparks is a philanthropist who is passionate about sharing his wealth of experience and resources to support others achieve prosperity in life. From his passion to empower communities, he runs numerous programs aimed at enhancing community empowerment.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks initiated a program in Dallas that provides high school diplomas to youths. He also works with Habitat for Humanity in providing shelter for the underprivileged in the society. He volunteers his time to serve the community as well.

Marc Sparks extends his philanthropy through knowledge too. He has published a book that challenges entrepreneurs to overcome life obstacles and achieve their goals. The book features his life story from being a C average student to a successful entrepreneur. The book can be accessed online and from retailers around the world.

Marc Sparks’ entrepreneurial prowess has been accumulated over the years where he owned and managed numerous companies offering telecommunications, real estate, and investment solutions. Despite his vast experience and riches, Marc Sparks is a humble man whose passion lies in giving back to the community.

Spark Tank Grants

For an entrepreneur to receive a grant, he or she must make a formal application to the Spark Tank panel. The innovative ideas qualifying for grants at Spark Tank should encompass animal services, arts or human services.

The applications are reviewed by Spark Tank experts specialized in research, public relations, and human resource management. Entrepreneurs with unique ideas and clear missions are offered a grant.

For entrepreneurs to win a grant, they should come up with a presentation that is unique, captivating, and well organized. Captivating ideas enslave the attention of venture capitalists. An entrepreneur must know and address all the areas that are of interest to the venture capitalists.

Significance of Grants to Start Up Businesses

A start-up entrepreneur may face difficulties raising funds to meet the goals of his or her company. If a business idea seems lucrative, most entrepreneurs would rather avoid inviting additional investors. Instead, making a grant proposal to venture capitalists provides a better solution.

For an entrepreneur’s business plan to be appealing to venture capitalists, his or her idea must involve offering unique services. Alternatively, he or she must be proposing to address certain market gaps that existing market players have failed to cover.

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