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For many people, when they learn about the company AirBed and Breakfast or they hear about it from financial planners like Richard Blair they are amazed that there is a way that you can rent out your home or a bedroom to travelers and make a profit. This is what attracted Richard Blair of wealth management to AirBnb. It was another safe investment he could offer to his clients. The business model is now so popular that there are literally scores of other companies that are doing the very same thing. This service is also now a worldwide phenomenon.

One of the largest promoters of AirBnb is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Richard is a financial planner and registered investment advisor that offers his clients safe wealth management goals along with professional assistance in reaching those goals. He is comfortable giving clients proved and sound advice to safely reach their retirement goals using diversification strategies designed to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. AirBnb is just one of the products he recommends.

The story of how AirBnb got started is quite a story in itself. In 2007, two roommates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, could not afford the rent for their loft apartment in San Francisco. At the same time they were trying to figure out how to pay their rent, there was a conference being held in San Francisco by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Because the conference was such a popular attraction, all the hotels, and motels near it were completely booked up; there were no rooms available anywhere. Because of this collision of events, Brian and Joe got the brilliant idea of renting part of their apartment to some of the shows attendees. They decided to offer air beds and breakfast service to those interested and they almost immediately rented out the spaces they were advertising. They immediately recognized that they had killed two birds with one stone. By renting their apartment out to the conference attendees they not only made extra money to help pay their rent they had come up with a great idea for a multi-million dollar business. Their first three guests of their new business venture were attendees of the sold-out trade show that were unable to book a hotel room.

As soon as they realized what they had in their hands, they went full time with the venture. They then talked to technical architect Nathan Blecharczyk and asked him to join them as a co-founder. He immediately said yes and the website Airbed and officially launched in August of 2008. To help fund the site, the three founders created some special edition breakfast cereals and in two months generated over $30,000.00 dollars from their sales. This creative funding action also attracted the seed capital firm Y Combinator and venture capitalist Paul Graham both of whom put money into the new venture. In 2009, they expanded their website’s content to include renting entire homes, apartments, private rooms, boats, tipis, tree houses and just about any manner of space and home imaginable worldwide.

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Online Reputation

It seems no matter how diligent business owners are, there will always be that one disgruntled customer who decides to go all out and post a bad review about their experience online. The fact of the matter according to is that their experience may not have been that bad. They could have been having a bad day, but in a negative mindset, a molehill became a mountain and they unleashed their fury on you.

Online marketing and the increase of social media exposure gives companies an opportunity to engage with customers, and brands are quickly understanding the need of reputation management. The downside is that with this type of interaction, customers are free to publish both positive and negative reviews about you.

To best manage your online reputation, you need an arsenal of marketing tools that will quickly eradicate any potentially damaging comments or reviews about your brand. Below are tools that will have a significant impact on your brand’s reputations:

  • Percolate: With your marketing efforts neatly under one roof, monitoring your online reputation just got a little easier. From content creation to planning campaigns, Percolate provides you with a cross channel marketing calendar to keep everything in check.
  • Reputation Loop: Designed with small business owners in mind, Reputation Loops automatically contacts recent customers for their reviews. Real-time reporting and review monitoring on sites such as Yelp and Google+ proves to be invaluable for brand managers.
  • TinyTorch allows business owners to manage, monitor their online presence. Tiny Torch helps you to identify the most influential customers and cultivate their stories for redistribution across numerous marketing channels.
  • Trust Pilot: With easy navigation, this application has a wide array of analytic and engagement tools to make monitoring your online reputation easier.

Developing your brand is more than posting a few pictures on Instagram. It takes hard work and dedication to build a reputation that gets you noticed. Engaging with customers and keeping the conversation going is what will keep your cashier register ringing and negative comments at bay.



Marc Sparks Supporting the Community through Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a venture capitalist business based in Texas, Dallas. The organization provides mentorship platforms and grants to support startup entrepreneurs. The venture provides programs that empower entrepreneurs in their path towards building successful ventures in the business world.

The various mentorship platforms at Spark Tank provide green entrepreneurs with leadership skills and advice that helps them develop strong entrepreneurial skills. Marc attests that faith in an entrepreneur’s product, simplicity, staying focused, and providing unique services are the key to being successful in any business venture.

Marc Sparks’ background

Marc Sparks is a philanthropist who is passionate about sharing his wealth of experience and resources to support others achieve prosperity in life. From his passion to empower communities, he runs numerous programs aimed at enhancing community empowerment.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks initiated a program in Dallas that provides high school diplomas to youths. He also works with Habitat for Humanity in providing shelter for the underprivileged in the society. He volunteers his time to serve the community as well.

Marc Sparks extends his philanthropy through knowledge too. He has published a book that challenges entrepreneurs to overcome life obstacles and achieve their goals. The book features his life story from being a C average student to a successful entrepreneur. The book can be accessed online and from retailers around the world.

Marc Sparks’ entrepreneurial prowess has been accumulated over the years where he owned and managed numerous companies offering telecommunications, real estate, and investment solutions. Despite his vast experience and riches, Marc Sparks is a humble man whose passion lies in giving back to the community.

Spark Tank Grants

For an entrepreneur to receive a grant, he or she must make a formal application to the Spark Tank panel. The innovative ideas qualifying for grants at Spark Tank should encompass animal services, arts or human services.

The applications are reviewed by Spark Tank experts specialized in research, public relations, and human resource management. Entrepreneurs with unique ideas and clear missions are offered a grant.

For entrepreneurs to win a grant, they should come up with a presentation that is unique, captivating, and well organized. Captivating ideas enslave the attention of venture capitalists. An entrepreneur must know and address all the areas that are of interest to the venture capitalists.

Significance of Grants to Start Up Businesses

A start-up entrepreneur may face difficulties raising funds to meet the goals of his or her company. If a business idea seems lucrative, most entrepreneurs would rather avoid inviting additional investors. Instead, making a grant proposal to venture capitalists provides a better solution.

For an entrepreneur’s business plan to be appealing to venture capitalists, his or her idea must involve offering unique services. Alternatively, he or she must be proposing to address certain market gaps that existing market players have failed to cover.

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Why Is IAP Worldwide Services Facilities Management Necessary?

Facilities management is a delicate art that must be controlled by a firm that supports large facilities around the world. A property owner is often not in the position to sit in their own facility every day, and large corporation that owns several facilities must ensure they have trusted colleagues in every building. This article explains what IAP and their employees may accomplish on a daily basis.

#1: Facility Management Creates Security Among Property Owners

Facility management creates security among property owners as they search for staff to contribute in every facility where required. A manager who is placed on-site by IAP Worldwide Services will be the on-site representative of the owner in all respects. A client may choose to ask a manager to hire a security detail, repair crews and maintenance staff. Everyone placed on the site by IAP Worldwide will work on the site faithfully on behalf of the client.

#2: Why Is Facility Management Cost-Effective?

Facility management is cost-effective in that a fee is paid to IAP for their services. There are incredible staff members who are hired by IAP, and IAP pays the salary for every staff member given the fees they collect from their clients. Clients tend to pay less for facilities management when IAP use a service that is managed by a larger corporate office. Cost efficiency is quite simple to achieve when hiring outside consultants for the facility.

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#3: How Many People May Be Placed On-Site?

Several employees may be placed on a single job site at any time, and their work is continual from the moment they begin until the moment they are removed from the site. Everyone who has a large property to manage may have someone come to the property the same day their contract is signed, and the contract binds IAP to the client until its completion.

Everyone who wishes to protect their facilities must ensure they have a management team on the ground. IAP Worldwide Services is an incredible company to hire when people are needed inside the building, and the owner’s investment becomes completely secure with IAP’s management team.

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Wen Cleansing Conditioner, The Ultimate Hair Antidote!

WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is a hair care line infomercial that we obviously have all seen. These infomercials contain gorgeous ladies showing off their hair and claiming that the cleansing conditioner is magical. As a curious hair care fan, I couldn’t wait to confirm this, so I tried WEN cleansing conditioner to see how much luscious my thin hair could get.

WEN cleansing conditioner products are all primarily contained in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment, which are said to work well for any hair type. I chose the Amazon sweet almond mint version. In disregard to the recent reports about the side effects from using this product, I consciously took chances since am well aware of the probable outcomes of using new products. The Sephora marketed products worked perfectly fine.

After a long day, I needed a wash and as well try my WEN cleansing conditioner. I was so keen on the brand usage recommendations which were, 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24pumps for medium and 24-32 for long hair, which seemed too much for my fine hair. I got into the shower and pumped a generous serving of the product and spread in my hair. I rubbed it into my scalp and rinsed my hair after letting it soak for a short time. While massaging, I noticed that my hair felt thicker and more and, fewer strands were falling out! I after that blow-dried my hair. It was shiny and bouncy; Wen hair is great.

Next morning, I unexpectedly woke up with greasy roots. I ran my usual errands and showered first thing on return. I underwent the whole routine and afterward, my hair was shiny and voluminous as day 1!
On day 3, my hair wasn’t as greasy as day 2, but oilier. I hopped into the shower and did my routine. My hair was lovely again. I missed a shower on the 4th morning but went to a salon, that didn’t do my hair any good, on day 5 I had the usual morning shower and my hair resumed its great look! I showered on day 6, and 7 with WEN cleansing conditioner, and I must say that it’s a great product for fine hair to be washed and styled every morning. Read more about Wen hair on



The Remarkable Effort of Sanjay Shah in the Campaign against Autism.

The Dubai Autism Awareness month began on 2 April. There were many events organized, and one major one was the annual Autism Rocks Festival. The gig was held on 1st April, and the entrance fee for the event was Dh 50 per person. The fun-filled event was hosted by Autism Rocks, which is a charity organization that was primarily formed to create awareness about autism and to assist in contributing funds to facilitate research on the neurodevelopmental disorder.

The fund was started by Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, who are based in Dubai and has been helping in changing the way that ordinary people associate with individuals who are affected by the disorder. According to a statement issued to XPRESS, Usher perceives the autism campaign as a personal commitment. Shah and his wife were inspired to start the charity after their last born son called Nikhil was diagnosed to have the infection, and he wanted to offer help to people who had the condition.

Autism Rocks invited Florida and Tyga to perform at its 201 6 festival. The two were selected because of the significant influence that they have on the youth who in this case are the primary targets. This year’s event was held in partnership with a branch of Al Ahli known as 117 Live. The foundation has been hosting events in the past to raise money and artist who have been involved include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and the late Prince.

Sanjay Shah is a well established British entrepreneur who owns a chain of companies in different regions of the world. His most famous business in is Solo Capital Limited, which runs from its main offices in London. The company offers global boutique services, and it is under the regulation of the United Kingdom government. It was incorporated in 2011 and has made a fortune for Sanjay. The value of Solo Capital in the year that ended in March 2015 was 67.45 million pounds and 15.45 million pounds in assets and net worth respectively.

The career of Mr. Shah started in the medical field, but he later changed to work as an account. He served several investment banks in northern parts of London but was however not pleased with working for other people. He quit banking for the investment banking sector when he was declared redundant by his employee during a financial crisis, and he opened his brokerage firm, solo Capita Limited.


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How An Investment Leader Is Transforming The Real Estate Sector

In an official statement to its esteemed customers, Davos Real Estate group recently launched a new mobile application known as Davos CAP Calculator. The application is aimed at estimating the returns on real estate investments that most clients are interested in.

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is a subsidiary of an international financial group known as Davos Financial group. The company has been top notch in the Latin American Market for the past two decades. It majorly offers financial advice to clients. Its business objective is to formulate investment strategies that suit the needs and expectations of clients.

Davos REG comprises of a team of specialized professionals who are also licensed for every service that is offered. Over the last six months, its Executive Director, Mr. Gerard Gonzalez, has collaborated with a company known as Tecknolution. This collaboration was aimed at designing and developing Davos CAP Calculator. The company has also partnered with other real estate agents internationally. It has expanded the borders of its services to Europe, beginning with Spain.

How The Davos CAP Calculator Works

The application supports both Android and IOS operating systems. The app is also considered as a beginning for a series of complementary apps. On the other hand, the complementary apps will have the ability to identify properties through mobile devices and forward real estate reports directly to an agent at Davos.

David Osio mentioned that the app was developed to guide Davos REG’s clients whenever they are investing in the real estate sector within the US. Consequently, Mr. Gonzalez noted that the app will enable investors to have a clearer financial vision when buying a property. He also added that through the Davos CAP Calculator, clients can get an estimate for rent prices on properties that suit their projected incomes.

About David Osio

As the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group (DFG), Davis Osio oversees the global and domestic strategy of the company. Through his collaboration with the Board of Directors of DFG, Mr. Osio also in charge of operational issues and ensures that effective management practices are conducted in the company.

With a key interest in Latin American markets, especially Venezuela, Mr. Osio has transformed Davos Financial Group into a global firm with offices in New York, Miami, Panama, Lisbon and Geneva. In 1988, Mr. Osio graduated with honors in law from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas. He began working as a Director in the Legal MGO providing legal advisory to multinational clients such as Ferro. He also acquired additional training on investment management from the New York Institute of Finance.

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Keith Mann’s Philanthropic Initiatives

In the recent past, Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools to implement the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit charter organization located in New York City. According to Keith, the scholarship shall be availed to one graduating senior for each academic year in one of the Uncommon Schools. Applicants are required to write a 1,000-word essay. The essay should highlight on how earning a degree would assist them in accomplishing their professional objectives.
Mann posited that he would like to support the objective of the Uncommon Schools regarding preparation of low-income students to attend and graduate from college. Mann asserted that the scholarship would ensure that the students become professionals through earning degrees. Mann’s scholarship is eligible for graduating seniors that attend Uncommon Charter high school located in Brooklyn, New York.
Mann is a philanthropist. He is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners. For over 15 years, Keith has gained immense experience working in the executive search industry. Mann is a professional in hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensations. In 2002, Mann created the Alternative Investment Practice. This practice was created within Dynamics Executive Search after Mann identified a gap that was not fully served by the search Community. Dynamics Search Partners was established in 2009. The premier executive search company was focused on delivering services to the alternative investment firms. Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). He oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm. DSP works with different alternative investment firms across Asia, Europe and the United States. DSP manages to fill more than 200 client mandate per annum.
In the wake of the rising violence, Mann has been helping the police instead of standing in their way. In order to enhance the morals of the 54th Street precinct, Keith and Keely Mann send them lunch. Keith has a personal relationship with the New York Police Department given that his uncle serves as a detective in Staten Island. Keith explained that actions committed against the police department are close to him. In order to remove the negativity surrounding the force, Keith sent the precinct another lunch. Keith posited that police officers have families and as such, they are human beings.


Improving the Confidence of the Consumer: Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is at the top of her career. She holds many high level positions at Hall Capital: Managing Director, Chief Compliance Office, and General Counsel. Hall Capital is a highly successful, top investment firm in San Francisco. Her hard work and dedication to serving others has proven her to be a great asset. She joined the firm in 2007, during the worst economic crisis the US had faced. Her goal was to help the people feel confident in investing again. Her reputation for upholding the just and right path would help her with that.

Before coming to Hall Capital in 2007, she gained the experience needed to serve those many hats she wears. She attended Northwestern University and UCLA-Berkley. After passing the bar, she worked in the US Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Then she made the move from the government to working at a private firm. She earned the position of partner in just five years. Helane next position was head of the Northwest division of SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.

Helane Morrison used each position to continue her quest against corporate crimes. Through this fight, she has earned a reputation that has helped clients trust her. She hopes to use this at her positions at Hall Capital. She continues to make sure businesses are following regulations and consumers are safe. Helane Morrison is leaving a lasting mark on the finance industry that there is still good out there and she hopes to restore the confidence of the consumer.

Life of Helane Morrison


Wengie Video Recap – Anti-Aging Diet Tips

In this video, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie discusses how diet can negatively affect your skin. She explains that the inspiration behind the video was the huge reaction to her announcement that she is 30, yet looks so youthful.

Wengie talks about how reading a book titled How Not to Die changed the way she looked at food and encouraged her to fuel her body with a healthy diet in order to stay looking and feeling young. She says that foods high in AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) cause high levels of oxidization. This can cause wrinkles, inflammation, and problems with insulin, which can lead to diabetes or difficult weight loss. She notes that while some foods inherently have more AGEs than others, even the cooking process of the same food (like fried vs. boiled chicken) can greatly affect the AGE levels. Fruits and veggies have low levels while meats and fatty or sugary foods have high levels. She explains that high-moisture cooking methods like steaming and boiling result in lower AGE levels than dry methods like frying and baking.

She then goes on a brunch date with her fiance to a healthy food cafe to show how you can eat healthy while still having an enjoyable meal. She suggests eating dishes containing lots of vegetables, fruits, and legumes and avoiding meats and cheese. She also suggests dairy-free smoothies, raw foods, and vegetarian dishes as healthy choices.

Wengie ends the video with tips for an anti-aging diet. The first is to cook with lower heat for longer amounts of time and to avoid eating burnt food. Next she says that marinating foods in a citrus-based sauce before grilling can reduce AGEs. Finally, she names a lot of health problems (like Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease) that can be reduced or avoided by lower your AGE intake.


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